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Welcome to Evans Antiques and Amusements!!!  

         We have a great selection of new and old coin operated machines.  From coin operated peanut vendors to nickelodeons.   From antiques to machines that are still in play today.   Please take the time to view the games and mechanical trivia that we have for sale

Our Mission at E.A.A.

We have a simple mission. 

  1. To buy, sell, collect, repair and play with electro-mechanical  machines, gadgets and trivia.  
  2. To share information and knowledge with other people who have similar interests. and...
  3. To have fun doing all these things!!!!     Oh...It would be nice to make some money along the way.

Company Profile

We have been rebuilding coin equipment for over 30 years and have many many satisfied customers.

We are proud of our product and service offering.

We have extensive experience rebuilding mechanical pinball machines, player pianos, and slot machines.

If we don't have the machine that you want, our industry connections will allow us to find it for you!  All you have to do is ask.  Try us out.

Contact Information

If you live near central Pennsylvania, you are welcome to set up an appointment by calling or emailing us.

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Everett, Pennsylvania   15537
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